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My little night-time ritual with ceremonial cacao.

If you’re into meditation, ritual, or just like celebrating blessings, it is more than likely that you have heard of cacao. But there is a difference from the drinking cacao you might buy at the supermarket or health food stores to ceremonial cacao.

Depending on the source of your chosen ceremonial cacao, it will all go through a very similar minimal processing technique with respect to its source and the local culture. This process full of intention and prayer, compared to the modified or raw drinking chocolate you will find commercially, allows the cacao to retain its most ceremonial and nutritious components.

By keeping the process simple, the cacao retains beneficial properties such as Theobromine, this can assist in regulating blood pressure and improving blood flow, releasing the 'happy' chemicals in the brain. It also has flavonoids, which are an antioxidant that fight free radicals within the body, a high content of magnesium as well as many other health benefits.

I’d suggest researching your chosen brand of ceremonial cacao thoroughly to ensure that they are sourcing their product ethically and are not overprocessing the bean on its way to you.

So, after that little introduction...

Everybody's practice will look a bit different, so here’s an insight to mine.

I start my meditation before I’ve even sat down to enjoy my cup of cacao.

It all begins with putting on my headphones, choosing the soundtrack for the evening (usually a chakra rebalancing or solfeggio frequencies track). After setting the soundscape, I start gathering the tools and ingredients to prepare my cup.

From here, I have two methods of preparation. Stove top (slower to place and set your intention) or straight to the mixer. The method I choose depends on the dose I’m making. For a regular, every night does I go straight to the mixer. For a deeper mediation/ceremonial does I choose the slower stove top method.

After measuring out my chosen dose of cacao, I combine it in a container with a pinch of cinnamon, salt (to balance the bitterness) and a bit of honey. Most nights I also add powered Organic Blue Lotus Extract to enhance my connection to self, and extracts of Reishi + Lions Mane (functional mushrooms). To start, I add a touch of filtered hot (not boiling) water to blend the honey, shaved cacao and spices to a nice paste.

For one serve, I add approximately 140ml of hot water and about 80ml of coconut milk. Whilst holding my intention in the forefront of my mind, I use the stick/hand mixer and blend until it’s a nice smooth consistency (usually no more than 15-30 sec).

shaved cacao in saucepan
Saucepan brew ready to go

When making my brew on the stove top, I add filtered hot water first, stirring to blend the ingredients into a paste, then add the rest of the water (avoid bringing to simmer or boil as this damages all the good nutrients!) and once warmed, adding my chosen plant milk. Bring this to a pleasing temperature and serve. *if you haven’t used shavings of the cacao, giving the brew a quick mix with the stick blender before adding all your liquid will assist in creating a nice smooth texture.

Taking my sounds with me, I find a calm and cosy place to sit and bring forth my mediation practice.

This varies each night depending on what I feel called to do. If I’ve had an overwhelming day, sometimes this is my opportunity to sit with the day's events, acknowledge them and then let them go. Sometimes I will journal and sometimes I feel compelled to get up and move with some gentle dance.

It all varies and relies on my connection with myself and my intuition and what my soul is currently craving.

I’d like to know, what is your nightly meditation ritual? Thanks for sharing,

Lots of love,

Sharai 💕

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