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A Little About Sharai

Intuitive Soul Coach - for Mindset and Wellness

My Journey + My Why

A large portion of my life has been spent managing illness and dis-ease.
I can pinpoint the beginning of this around to the time I started to forget my truth and starting abiding by the rules.
For reasons I am still discovering, when I needed it most, I was emotionally unsupported.
That loss of safety made it hard to be brave, to continually commit to all that I was, when the safe people were in my ear telling me I was crazy, and my dreams were unsustainable.


Along my journey I’ve had moments of clarity and synchronicities happened.
The universe guided me to alternative paths, yet I always feared to lean into it and the truth of myself. I consistently appeased others for fear of losing their attention at a great cost to myself.


I have since realised that our body is a vessel, a container for all that is magic and the spoken voice of our intuition.
Through my spiritual study and health experience in the alternative/complimentary medicine space, when I am in ill health, I am at disharmony with my truest self.


Some souls I have crossed paths within this lifetime have called me wise and intuitive. Whether that perception has been buried deep within my ancestral lives or it has been my souls’ previous experiences I draw upon, this journey feels only the beginning.


When I feel like I have made huge steps towards growth, I know in my heart that I have, but in the universal scheme, it is only the tiniest amount. This prospect excites me to know that there is so much more out there to experience and learn.


My why for venturing into this coaching space?
Almost every occupation or venture I have participated in, I realise I have been drawn to the aspect of helping and assisting others first-hand, or to guide and show others to find the answers.


Even after 15+ years in a customer service-based roles, I didn’t realise until now that this is the healer in me.
I desire to share my knowledge, my insights, my experiences, my perspectives to offer the explanations in their own words. I crave to be the visionary that leads others into the strength of their own potential.


I have half my lifetime of conditioning to undo and heal my body of its’ dis-ease.
It is this experience, this intuitive knowledge that I will bring into my services as an Intuitive Soul Coach with the focus on Mindset and Wellness with a balance of creativity.
To bring my light forward to radiate and shine with yours and the discovery of your own personal mission, your soul purpose and ignite your spirit in connection with the whole.

Sharai - Intuitive Soul Coach
My Vision

It is my souls’ gift to share my ancestral wisdom and intuition.
It is my purpose to guide and help others find alignment within themselves.
To shine the light upon their own gifts so they may see the treasure they hold and understand their worthiness in sharing it with their own heart and the collectives.

I desire to pave the way for all.
To give permission to all, to speak the words that it is your birth right to have opportunity to find and embrace the gift that lights you up. To help all understand that we are designed to be unique.
To be our own piece of the puzzle, to know that when we accept it, we meld with the picture orchestrated for us before we even entered this existence.


Whether you are on your spiritual path, experience an awakening or finding a new sense of awareness, I am here to be of service.
To hold the space and reflect the questions, to bring forth the answers you already hold within yourself.


This conversation might not be ready for you right now; however, you are aware of it and this is the beginning.
When divine timing shows her colours, and you see the signs – that is the time to reach out.


You may want to start small or leap straight into the depths – all paths lead you to exactly where you need to be.
It just takes a little faith.

Opening the doors to your soul
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