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Rituals In a Cup

This post contains affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. The products I recommend here are ones that I use myself and all opinions expressed are my own. There are lots of different rituals we can partake in to help us to find our way back to self. To find that alignment within us.

Alignment in us can feel as easy as finding that calm after a chaotic day.

There was many a time where my ritual in cup involved alcohol. A glass of wine, but more often than not it was a triple shot whiskey.

Many times as I have pivoted throughout my life journey, I have gone a few years of being completely sober. And to encourage myself staying that way, I changed up my evening beverages with herbal tea.

It wasn’t just the benefits of not drinking alcohol, it was the benefits to assist in regaining some control over my health. Me being the person who always wants to do things a little differently, I chose not to drink the standard black Ceylon tea, I went straight for the weird tasting flowers and leaves – and sometimes my brew looked like some kind of weird potion. 😂

Japanese Cast Iron Teapot

Drinking herbal tea – and creating a pot of it in the evenings slowly became a ritual that helped me drop into myself. I always had a pot on my desk, my bed or beside me on the floor as I painted away the evening.

As I’ve come along in my journey, I have become a little obsessive about my drinks and what goes in what cup! (Tell me I’m not the only one!)

Getting ready in the morning with Bone Broth.

I have a designated cup for coffee, bone broth, teacup for the bags, teacup for the pot, teacup for the plunger and my handmade cup for cacao.

But each has its own ritual to go with it.

I believe that when we are conscious about what we consume, we establish a stronger connection to our inner being. We allow our bodies consciousness the opportunity to come forth on it own fruition, without the need to numb our senses. Through ritual and practices we can control our conscious mind and it’s connection to the unconscious. Allowing space for flow to exist.

When know that when we can connect to flow state, our level at which we create is truly powerful. The insights we gain can be transformative.

I have also recently started expanding my herbal teas, utilising medicinal herbs and adaptogens, as well as plant extracts. Taking a little inspiration from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the eastern rituals with tea and the purpose in which you might drink each herb.

When I’m looking to connect with my sacred feminine, flow, lighten my mood and expand creativity – Blue Lotus Flower, is a great night time cup. We’ve played around with a few mixes of this, poppy, passionflower, lion’s mane mushroom, damiana, chamomile, skullcap, and found these can be a great help to wind down after a highly charged day.

Another one in the lead up and during my cycle, is a raspberry leaf blend. I’ve sourced one that is naturopathically prepared containing a nice balance of dandelion root, ashwagandha root and hibiscus flowers.

Life Cykel Extracts with Cup of Ceremonial Cacao

To level up on my tea’s I’ve started adding function mushroom extracts.

It might sound like a strange thing to do, however teas and elixirs where the wise woman way of healing in the past.

I’ve been through a lot with my health and have significantly been let down by the conventional health system and being having been led to alternative health and TCM methods, I now realise how much value there is in the olde ways.

Including the rituals and practices that took place while consuming them. Not necessarily the “witchy” ways of ritual, but the eastern ways of consuming through meditations.

It a topic that interests me quite a bit, and one I hope to research further as time goes on.

Reach out if you have any references.

I would love to know, what are some of your rituals in a cup?

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