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25th March 2024

Surely some of you now have been feeling the disruption to energy within the last month. The change in season and also the lead into the first lunar eclipse for the year.

Beliefs and thought patterns have been having a shake up, we're being made to feel uncomfortable. So we can have some sense that something needs to change.

This year has been about living in alignment with myself and being wholeheartedly honest with my intentions and this first eclipse for the season is thought to bring out the things that need to be healed, resolved and released into the fire.

Things from the past we've been clinging onto, pushing aside and straight out refusing to address will have a change to be resolved. We'll be able to see through the fog and view with clarity the lingering effects such as defense mechanisms, coping strategies that have truly been holding ourselves back from fully living and feeling.

It will offer opportunity to accept, acknowledge and understand that these parts of us were means of survival, and that they are processes that no longer serve us and our highest selves.

Letting go is one of the hardest things for our conscious minds to do, our egos thrives off fear and are the catalyst that holds us back from chasing our dreams.

We fill our minds with fail-led what ifs. But what if? We approached it with the enthusiasm of seeing the sunrise. That we made if far enough to experience this circumstance of joy and chance to do it all again - even if it is a repeat of the day before.

Our mindset and the perspective in which we choose to see it, is the catalyst to redistribute the frequencies around us and allow magic to truly happen.


Featuring 'Dreams of Gaia' Tarot.


Our perception can shift and alter and be enhanced in a heartbeat, once new information, born of a different perspective, is provided. Once altered, it cannot be restored to what it was. Even if what we believe is to be truth is revealed to be an illusion and vice versa, there is no reset button for our perception. It simply changes and alters as our awareness increases.

Every change to our perception changes our reality, and every change to our reality influences the choices we make. Our entire lives are built upon the foundations laid by our perception. They can be empowered and fulfilled because how we perceive our reality gives us confidence and on the flip can be destroyed in an instant.

This is an opportunity to view your experiences and the interpretation, then the influences of your choices and seek to weigh your options of all that is to come.

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