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Break The Chain + Remember Your Dreams

An insight to the year ahead - 2024.

At the beginning of every year I take the time to sit down and reflect. To breathe in and accept the year that was, to breath out and set the intentions for the year to come. I write out my intentions, keeping them brief and then take the time to dive into the deeper. I find what resonates and determine what my theme/word of the year will be.

To assist in refining all of that, I create a 16-card reading. 12 cards to reflect on an insight for each month of the year and 4 focus cards for the year.

As you can figure - each number represents the month. i.e. 1 = January. These are all arranged just like the hours on a clock.

The 4 focus cards can be anything - but the key is to determine them before you pull your cards. In my set up - the represent the following:

A) The card of the year - OVERALL THEME

B) CHALLENGE of the year

C) LESSON of the year


In this my annual reading - I like to mix it up with more than one deck and in the choosing, it is purely intuitive.

Featured in the reading below there are 4 decks I have chosen from.

  • The Healing Waters Oracle - Rebecca Campbell

  • The Sacred Forest Oracle - Denise Linn

  • Dreams Of Gaia Tarot - Ravyenne Phelan

  • Sacred Rebels Oracle - Alana Fairchild

Now here is a detailed look into the insights received from each card.

JANUARY - "Let It Rain" - Allowing What is. Inevitability. Trust. - Healing Waters Oracle

What are you being called to surrender to? Surrender to what is happening in your life. What has been building up is preparing for a big release and right on cue the down pour will begin. Sweet relief will be felt when the waters of the sky return to the ground.

FEBRUARY - "Earth Spirit" - Stability - Sacred Forest Oracle

Be present in the moment. Slow down and let go of the businesses and frenetic pace of life. Explore your roots. Honour your past. Go deep. The Earth Spirit is here to support you and hold your love, even if you're not sure of it. The seeds you plant now will bring abundance in the future, but only if you take the time to nurture those new beginnings.

MARCH - "The Youth" - #3 Major Arcana - Dreams Of Gaia Tarot

A time of influence, of emotional energy, unconscious thoughts and beliefs and how they work to manifest the future. Live free of fear and doubt, allow the rise to a future that is both productive and creative. Life is too short to follow in another's footsteps and do things their way. Do it yours > tomorrow can take care of itself.

APRIL - "Inspiration" - Sacred Rebels Oracle

Be available to receive, trust what has come through. You are a vehicle for inspiration - act accordingly. Commit to development of your idea and sweet success like abundant honey will be coming your way. Be encouraged to accept the vision, idea and inspiration > it is important to your creative and spiritual growth.

MAY - "Ten of Earth" - Dreams of Gaia Tarot

Have you embraced the highest of ideals - to lead a fulfilling life doing something you love and to know and understand your place and purpose?

Show your true self. Whatever the challenge might be, you will find your centre and move forward in a fearless manner. All aspects of life are coming together as a whole and all are in harmony.

This is a time of reward for all the years of dedication of service to family, career and community with love, respect and trust. It is a reflection of what is felt within.

JUNE - "The WellSpring" - What are you thirsty for? Body care. Take a breath. - Healing Waters Oracle

Where are you pushing yourself beyond your limits? We must embrace our humanity and take care of the body by slowing down, quenching our thirst, and finding ways to recover and deeply rest. Look where you have been going into overdrive, work to bring more harmony and balance back into your life and trust your inner seasons.

JULY - "Five of Earth" - Dreams of Gaia Tarot

Where ever the deception lays at this time, there may be some basis for your doubts and questions. Your inner voice is telling you to look closer and see beyond selfish desires and blame so you can perceive the truth. Be honest with yourself, or heartache and disappointment may well follow.

AUGUST - "Come to Life" - Sacred Rebels Oracle

The real you speaks through your rebellious sacred heart and is living your life, not the monkey mind. You need a deeper connection to your own instincts, body, feelings and intuitions so that you can receive your new calling. You can trust in it too. Embrace it and it will embrace you. You are the most sacred of all sacred artworks and you are bringing yourself to life.

SEPTEMBER - "Bear Spirit" - Healing - Sacred Forest Oracle

You're a healer and a channel for the life force of the Universe. You are strong and grounded. Healing is unfolding and the situation is being resolved. Have faith all is well.

Healing IS occurring on all levels, and can come in many forms. Be ready to accept it. As you heal - you will be a healing force for others. When it comes to tanks, don't fret on the how, simply say "you're welcome".

OCTOBER - "Frog Spirit" - Renewal - Sacred Forest Oracle

Be prepared and willing to release any preconceived notions of how life should unfold. This is a time to be adaptable. Be willing to change; abundance and good fortune will follow.

Symbolising renewal, resurrection and transformation. Speaking of a profound restoration of your life is occurring, a reminder that it's never too late to begin again. In order to reboot your life, you need to do things in a different away.

NOVEMBER - "The Pink Dolphin" - Celebration. Fun. Unbridled Joy. Open Heart. - Healing Waters Oracle.

It's time to welcome more joy into your life. Open your heart and mind to new experiences and prioritising happiness and fun. Play like a child without attachment to the outcome.

DECEMBER - "The Word Wants to be Written" - Sacred Rebels Oracle

What you are is within you and wants to come out of every available opportunity. Allow the space for it to manifest and let the energy flow. Let go of the idea that you need to search for your path - you activate it by getting out of the way. It's time for you to be naked with yourself, acknowledge how gorgeous you are. What you want to create, wants to be created.

THEME OF THE YEAR - "Planetary Wave" - Soul Mission. Trust the Inner Coil. Soul Team. - Healing Waters Oracle

Trust the current of your own river and to answer the call deep within. Call in the ones who get you. Realise you are part of a larger team. Your mission - is to keep doing what you are called to do. Your soul chose to come into this body, on this planet, at this moment in time.

THE CHALLENGE OF THE YEAR - "Eleven of Water" - Emotion / Intellect - Dreams of Gaia Tarot

Suppression and expression - fear and love. What do you find yourself leaning into? If you express instead of express, you will move through life with more ease. It is better to be proactive and mindful when it comes to your emotions. Never ignore them. The challenge will come in balancing and aligning any emotional disharmony that may influence your choice and environment.

LESSON OF THE YEAR - "Queen of Water" - Dreams of Gaia Tarot

Take heart and know that brighter days are ahead. A reminder to have and maintain healthy boundaries to protect yourself from becoming drained. Believe in the power of love, but also the wisdom that comes with it. Relationships need to be nurtured and maintained, knowing that honesty is okay, as is a willingness to share our feelings. Sharing our true feelings can make ourselves feel vulnerable, but in doing so, it shows courage and strength.

THE DREAM MANIFESTATION - "Elves" - Playfulness - Sacred Forest Oracle

Embrace your innocence. Let go of heavy responsibilities. Give yourself a break. Nurture your spirit by doing something fun! Joy is important for sustaining yourself as the food you eat.

Allow your inner child to play. If your responsibilities and hard work have clogged your life force energy, it's time to give yourself a break and have some fun. Nurture your spirit.

The greatest gift that you can give the world is your joy, so make play a priority. When you play > you will find flow.

I would love to know if any of the months themes have resonated with you thus far and how they may resonate with the months to come. Peace + Love, Sharai xx

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