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12 Months of Amazing Personal Growth

Just over a year ago, I started this little blog called Light of Rai.

I created it as a place to share my thoughts in the hopes that reading stories of my journey will create a spark in the heart of another, encouraging them to dive deeper into their own journey, and essentially begin the chain reaction of healing the collective.

Little did I know that path I would then begin to find myself on.

Writing and sharing in this public way planted a seed within my heart. I had little clue where it would take me, so I did what I have done before and surrendered to the process.

I hadn’t really given it much thought or planning to where I wanted to take this direction, but I knew deep within my soul that there is so much of my own experience of life I can share with others. Not just for the sake of sharing but for also building a better future for myself, my family, and the healing that I knew needed to happen.

After writing and engaging on socials, I was seeking more. I wanted to know how I could quantify want I wanted to share. So, I started seeking out courses for further education so I could learn how to dive deeper into healing and instead I found myself starting a coaching certification. One that felt so aligned to my heart – Dharma Coaching Institute.

Never in any future did I see myself becoming a coach – yet it felt so aligned that I did what I could to be a part of it.

It has been a financial strain to commit so much to a course without truly knowing a defined outcome, yet the possibilities that present itself now 20 years in the future are remarkable – and they feel so completely aligned with my heart. Not only that, all the tools I have learnt throughout the process have assisted me to repair and improve my most treasured relationships. That in itself has been worth the investment.

Often it easy to find our thoughts in a place of questioning the investment into our own self development, and to any considering taking the chance. Do it! Whatever it is, it is guaranteed to enriching your life and alter your current journey trajectory and that is a truly inspiring and exciting prospect.

So where do I find myself now?

Although I have been talking about it for some time, it is now official (you know having say it on paper kind of official) – I am fully certified. Certified to bare witness to that magic of assisting others to find balance, alignment, and purpose in their life.

This journey over the last 12 months has had some serious depths and dark nights, but I wouldn’t take them back for anything. For these moments showed me scope, expanse, and opportunity to experience the beauty and magic of growth and pure moments of joy.

Thank you for being here on this journey – and I look forward to many more in the years to come.

Much love,

Sharai xx

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