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Welcome to my Blog.

Welcome to my blog.

A place where I write about my journey through life, my discovery of holistic health and wellness practices but most of all my journey through spiritual healing.

The more I learn, the more I want to share that knowledge. Not so much to stroke my ego, but from a place of love. From a place where I feel compelled to share if it all it does is light the tiniest spark within the reader to start their own journey.

I whole-heartedly believe we are in amongst a massive cosmic shift. It’s this knowing that the earth is trying to give us a nudge, a shake, any type of sign that we need to awaken. To the thought of something bigger, but most of all the awakening to ourselves and the opening of our hearts.

We have become so involved with pleasing ourselves, outside of ourselves. What I mean by that, is we’ve convinced ourselves that happiness, greatness, abundance is all achievable by exterior means. That if we don’t meet that benchmark, that expectation we can’t allow ourselves to BE happy. It’s not true. All of what we crave, is within us. We are the most amazing beings with exponential potential, yet we dampen that. For however that means came about for you, it’s time for us to heal that.

It's time to surrender. It’s time to have faith. It’s time to work through all the ancestral hurt and forgive what was before and step forward with love. Crack open your heart and let the light shine out!

This place, this blog, is a collection of my thoughts and my experiences and my hopes for what is to come.

Thank you for being here, taking the time (because I know the struggles of trying to find the time to do anything for yourself these days!) to read, follow and subscribe if you wish. Head to the bottom of the page and enter your details to find out about my latest posts.

With peace, love and light.

Sharai xx

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