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Where it all began…

It’s hard to determine the moment where it all began. I’ve always had this sense that the was something bigger, something more. It was this deep knowing that I was full of magic and light. That we all are. However, we have these situations when we’re younger where we are misled by the people we admire.

Through my research over the years, there seems to be this common thread. We were veiled. Our innocent selves that dared to unapologetically dream, believe and have faith in magic was closed over. Covered over. And in the literature that I’ve read, there’s discussion that to find ourselves, to find the peace and love that’s within us, we need to lift this veil. This fact alone was enough to light my fire. It was the acknowledgement that I needed to my inner child that it was okay to be a dreamer. To believe we destined for magic.

In most texts that you read that cover the topics of veiling, make reference of children having the most connection to the cosmic energies that swirl around us. Their veil is the thinnest, as their minds are innocent to the conditioning of our modern, materialistic world. It was reading this, that I was taken back to memories as a child. We I wondered around the backyard of my family home, playing in the dappled light, and feeling completely connected to the magic of the earth. Feeling like I was some fey creature, bursting full of powerful magic and light.

I remember voicing my experience to those I admired, thinking I would receive acknowledgement and a sharing of the other worldly secrets. Instead, I was politely informed, it wasn’t real, I had a great vivid imagination and maybe I should write it down in a story rather that talk about it with others. I think it was this moment, perhaps being around 7 or 8 yrs old that I lost faith in magic, and inherently the connection with my inner magic.

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.

Without this disconnection, I wouldn’t have embarked on the trials and tribulations of my journey and the respect for all the lessons learned.

Even the most challenging, heart-breaking, and soul destroying of experiences were predetermined. They are the human experience that guides us through the obstacles of this existence, to find ourselves appreciating the good, the love. To all our soul to reconnect with all it’s parts.

Every good feeling is the vibrational response of our soul surrendering to the flow of the universe. Every heartbreak is a chance for the soul to reflect, accept that it is an opportunity for growth and ultimately crack open our heart a little more to the universal energy of love, and the love from our highest self.

I honestly believe without experiencing all of the highs and lows myself, I wouldn’t have found myself at the place I am at right now. I also have to give massive thanks to my husband.

In my belief, our meeting was destined. As corny as it sounds, we just connected the first time we met. We were both in a place, the beginning of our journeys of truly finding ourselves. In each of our own experiences, we were in a state of surrender. Surrender to the flow of synchronicities. When we came together, it was that “ah ha” moment for the both of us. As if it was all meant to be.

Our journey since then hasn’t been without drama. When you start opening your heart, conflict happens. Not just within yourself, but it also reflects with each other. But by encompassing what we have both learnt (or started to scratch the surface of) we’ve utilised these tools and managed to work through it all somewhat clumsily. We each recognise that our souls are here, in this time, to support each other, even if at the time in the moment it might not feel like it. 😆

We’ve come to understand that when we’re functioning at the lower vibration of cosmic energy, we get sick, easily stressed and aggravated and it’s hard to separate ourselves from that human experience. This our bodies intuitive way of communicating with us that it needs help. That there is something in our immediate environment that is causing us harm.

The realisation of this communication I experienced through multitudes of ongoing chronic health issues. I found that when I’m not at a place where the vibrations are high, my body starts to tell me. This is a lesson I feel like I’ve been studying for years but I’ve only just started to understand. It’s through these health hiccups, and lack of assistance and resolution through conventional medical means I have sourced alternative healing. It hasn’t been about eating good foods, or low tox living. It’s been about nurturing my soul.

It's the saying, when you feel good on the inside, it shows on the outside. But it’s not about the nutrition, it’s the soul nurturing. It’s believing that it is GOOD to feel GOOD.

That our spiritual selves and the mind-body connection is just as important to nurture as it is to look after our physical health. I believe it has been through this realisation that I’ve managed to piece together the obstacles life has been throwing at me. For a time, I felt like I was aimlessly wandering around in circles, revisiting the same conclusions. Until one day, I threw up my hands and said “fuck it”. I let go. I surrendered. It was the biggest sense of relief and I started to have faith that anything was possible.

I breathed deeper into my human experience.

I stopped worrying about where I was going. From what I have learnt so far, my soul chose to HERE, at this time in our existence, to LIVE the human experience and FEEL all the emotions. To be a part of the awakening, including my own.

I believe, that when one of us, one of the starseeds awaken, we ripple. We ripple our awakening to cosmic energies, to nudge the collective to open their own eyes.

So for now, I thought it timely I start writing my thoughts to share with others. At this time on earth there is this hum. We can all sense it to some degree. It’s creating a ripple, a vibrational change to our beings. Most of us are unsure of what this deep feeling is, but we are recognising the feeling that some greater purpose is at work. Something big beyond our reach.

My purpose for now in writing this blog, is to open the channels of communication, to share my journey, my heart as I work through this collective awakening. All in the hopes that you, the reader, feel a connection. A small spark, a smile, a knowing that you are not alone in this. Know that I am here, offering my hand to walk beside you as we learn to bring down the walls of ancestral conditioning and embrace our souls, our being as something so full of power and magic.

What I share may not be much to some, perhaps a simple resonance or validation of your own journey to unlocking your true and higher self, or it could be that light that helps you find your way through the shadow filled and dark days.

Whatever it may be, I thank you now for taking the time to read and allow me to share a piece of my own heart.

Until the next post, find peace within your heart. ♥

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