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Why Rest and Recovery is important for soul growth

In recent months, we all seem to be hearing this phrase quite a bit. You hear about in the cycles of astrology, with the cycle of the seasons. Take the time to rest and recover. Allow yourself to heal to grow into your next evolution.

You would be hearing it more than the average person if you’re on the path of healing or on a search to spiritual/soul enlightenment, or even working through past traumas.

For someone who has been living in a cycle of chronic fatigue for almost fifteen years, it’s hard to enjoy the prospect of resting to recover. Because it’s all I’ve ever felt I’ve done. With fatigue, there’s the constant turning down of doing the things you want to engage in for not having the capacity or energy, or the other end (which I did a lot) you say yes, push it hard and then crash hard.

Taking days and sometimes weeks to recover.

On this journey, I have really come to realise how much our health afflictions are reflections of the blockages our enlightened inner beings are experiencing. Perhaps it’s the material I seem to be reading and listening to, or perhaps as I connect deeper with myself, the knowledge of my ancestors and their wisdom is slowly finding its way to the surface.

Most recently, as I have come to be aware of some childhood trauma (only ‘small t’ trauma) I have been carrying around for a very long time, I feel like my body and mind have become lighter. They have shifted. Almost onto the next plane of awareness and existence. It’s only just noticeable but I see the difference.

I see how important it was for me to experience all that I have. To spend all that time to “rest”. It allowed me the time to take the opportunity to reflect. To choose if I really did want change.

I could have committed to the fact that being the bearer of illness is my story, it's my reason for being and the reason why I would never change. There is a large portion of our population continually to choose to live with this mentality. And I truly believe it is our job role, as we grow and shine our lights a little brighter and we find the answers within ourselves. That we bring insight to those stuck minds and an opening for them to explore the concept further.

I have been resting (and pushing myself to exhaustion) for a long time.

When I started offering the space of my thoughts to the universe. Clarity found its way to me.

Through words and journalling. I supposed I have only just realised that this is source energy channelling through me with this assistance of my spirit guides. Right now, it is only the tiniest of openings. But it is enough that I want to experience more.

It started to get my mind ticking. What is holding me back from reaching my highest potential? What blocks have I created for myself?

Finding a medical practitioner that see’s healing from both a medical and spiritual sense is hard to find. The science is commonly mocked – mostly by those who don’t understand it. But it is out there. It is just very difficult to find.

You can find snippets of its variances in all modes of health and wellness spaces. From chiropractors, naturopaths, dieticians, mental health wellness coaches, fitness professionals. They all know that when you heal one part of the mind – the body will follow.

The proof is in the pudding now.

Leading on from Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life concept, where she mapped individuals’ emotional experiences and interactions with the physical responses within the body, it was only a loose interpretation. German New Medicine (GNM) is the scientific and tested representation of it. Somewhat mocked in the conventional medicine channels, this thought-provoking idea that the limitations we place on our bodies is of our own limiting beliefs and the ancestral trauma we carry within our genetic makeup.

When I stumbled across this concept, it really gave me pause to think. Are all the illnesses that I suffer connected to the emotional response of sometime experience growing up?

As I allowed this thought to ponder during a meditation, I felt something inside me begin to unravel. It was the pulling of the thread that had stitched up my true connection to my heart. My ancient wisdom, my ancestral knowledge, my right to have the opportunity to step into who I am supposed to be?

I fully respect that fact that our human bodies are amazing cellular machines. Created in such a manner that our “modern” science is still struggling to understand and contemplate all its nuances. If we can heal a cut, what else is our bodies capable of? It’s simply a matter of removing/breaking down the trauma, physical/ mental/ or emotional and allowing the amazing neurons to rebuild and recreate our existence.

Imagine what amazing place the world would be if we trusted in our divine vessels.

The recovering phase is going to be a long process. I have slowly been making changes, and the progress is slow. Having the patience of undoing years of abuse doesn’t happen overnight. Especially being female and the cyclic nature of our hormones.

We have a rest and recover phase just in the space of a month or so that our bodies menstruate. I am trying to accept that changes to my body in the healing phase. Joints hurt, vessels are swelling, hormones are flaring, losing my hair, the weight gain and sleep cycles are disrupted. On the flip side to that, my energy levels are up, my skin is glowing, my nervous and adrenal systems are plateauing, and I’m finding it easier to regulate my body all round.

Coming back or leading to this new transformed vessel won’t happen overnight (as much as I try and wish it would so I could fit into some of my favourite clothes again) I am forever thankful of the opportunity to discover new things about my personal power.

It’s a step closer to feeling more connected to myself, my children, and my husband. It’s a knowing that I am deserving of all the good and abundant things that happen in life. That it is a step in the right direction.

I am excited for what this shift must bring. Including the challenges because I believe that is how we truly learn to accept what our hearts already know.

I feel like this went a little bit off topic for where I intended this post to go, but it was the information that wanted to be shared through my voice.

I would love to hear more about your healing journeys so far, and if you have been through the rest and recover phase. In one big hit or repeatedly in small experience.

Share in the comments below.

Until next time, Sharing my love and light with you all.


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