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Signposts of Life.

Challenging situations arise to check us.

To be sign posts. To encourage us that we are going in the right direction.

You know you are making way when you come through something that felt so horrible at the time, but when it was over, your heart and soul feels more expansive.

Over the last couple of years, the world has certainly given us enough food for thought and challenging situations to overcome.

I know for some; they may wish that the last couple of years never happened. It was a universal move that threw them into to the dark and whispered, find your own way out.

I’ve seen some suffer immensely, and they play the merry-go-round of victim mentality. Why me? why now? And at some point, as they travelled around in circles, they looked away from what was directly in front of them and saw in their peripheral, a slither of light, and opportunity.

So, I ask you, did you get curious and change the direction of your vision? Or did you simply shrug it off and go back to chasing your own tail?

The last couple of years for myself, and my family have been years of a significant shift. A shift in thought, mentality, and energy. We’ve been struggling (and we still are) to survive. We’ve been locked into generational conditioning that is no longer relevant to this moment’s circumstances. We have ignored and pushed down our intuitive thinking to be a part of mass formation thoughts and wondered why things aren’t working for us.

This is not to say that we are victims, I truly believe our souls choose the circumstances of our lifetimes even before we born. Our souls mapped out our life’s challenges to learn lessons that may have been missed in previous lifetimes, or to prepare us for current and future lifetimes. These challenges are designed to allow us growth if we choose to see these lesson objectively.

I know I wouldn’t be the person I am today without some of the lessons and hard discoveries I’ve experienced. I would not be able to share and impart my knowledge or support those around me in the way I can now without it.

At any time through my 35 years of life thus far, I could have thrown my arms in the air and said it was all too hard. I could have asked (or expected) someone else to fix my problems and then wondered why their answers never worked.

Shifting the blame to them and feeling angry and resentful for all that has befallen me.

However, I choose to sit with it all. Not all at once, but bite sized pieces when I felt ready to start processing. Some of these obstacles, my character and my emotional body were not ready to handle, and as a result I have been carrying around these experiences for 20+ years.

That’s a long time to leave something unresolved. And at some point, it must come out.

This where I think the last couple of years, have been beneficial for many and their own soul growth. It has been a truly monumental shift in energy, albeit forced for some, but a thankful one to allow the opportunity and time to find ourselves. To reconnect with what is truly important.

The important things aren’t the material things. It’s the experience and the emotional understanding, it is the connection not only to ourselves and our intuition but the connection to our family and community around us.

For us as a family, we’ve experienced so much emotional turmoil.

Primarily myself and my husband, as we’ve navigated our own relationship, our friendship and its growth, the emotional growth and maturity of our three boys, and within all of that we’ve realised the challenge of doing our own inner work.

When we become conflicted within ourselves, we begin to reflect our inner unrest on others. We can begin to believe that the other is the one causing the conflict, when truly it is a mirror for ourselves. The hardest thing has been seeing this challenge for what it is. A signpost that this is now the time to let go of any uncertainties we have held on to within. To let go of our emotional resistance from past traumas and experiences. To know that this is our time to step in the flow and believe that we are worthy.

The influence of our generational upbringing has had us convinced that to succeed in this lifetime, we need to check off boxes in a particular order. That we cannot measure “life” success until this has been achieved.

But what happens once we have checked all the boxes, and we looked back and realised we cheated ourselves out of experiencing so much magic? All for the societal influence of our modern world?

The last couple of years, months, weeks, days and hours have taught me what it truly means to rise to a challenge. To breathe through a tough moment, feel my heart rate rise and fall, and feel a sense of expansion if I lean into the discomfort. This is when I know I am on the right path. Going in the right direction.

And today, to bring clarity to a challenging experience I had this morning, I saw this quote.

“You don’t always attract what you are. You sometimes attract people who are in desperate need of what you are.”

This does not necessarily mean people; it can be situations.

We could walk around thinking we are all love and light, and only wanting to attract that in return. Because who needs consistent darkness in their life? But the true gift of believing in the experience of love and light, is sharing it with those who are in desperate need of it.

I know I can reflect back to many times in my life where I was in a super dark place (as some may refer to a dark night of the soul experience) and I had a chance opportunity where I was attracted to someone who brought momentary sunshine to my life. And that was enough to change my direction of thought and overcome whatever reality I was living at the time.

I honestly, whole heartedly believe the struggles I have lived have been pre-planned by my divine self as opportunity to grow and be of service to this new paradigm that is evolving at this time in our evolution.

I want to share with you all my experiences, my thoughts, my insights, my ancestral wisdom. I want to share and encourage all those around me, that you too can shine authentically. As much as I am learning how to do this myself, and each day it feels like a challenge to show up in this way, it feels expansive.

It feels heart warming that what I did not know yesterday, I will have the opportunity to learn tomorrow. That I can share my vision to grow the landscape of what it is to connect with ourselves, our hearts and to tap into your innate wisdom. And I am glad, even if it is only one person that reads this post, that even by putting this out in the world, that the vibrational energy of it is contributing to the collective.

No matter how small our input, it has the power to make big waves.

So, for now, please, trust that what is showing up for you is there to push and challenge you. It is a signpost to pivot. That whatever you are doing, isn’t working, it might not be meant for you. If you feel constrictive, reach into yourself, and ask why? What is it that you are doing that makes you feel this way?

Allow yourself to lean into the discomfort, swim in all the uncomfortable feelings of being lost. Surrender your will to the flow.

You never know what experience will find itself present in your life, but how rewarding will it be knowing that you gave in, you let go, and found yourself in the most expansive, magical place you could possibly be in this current lifetime.

If you would like to know more about overcoming obstacles and aligning yourself with your souls purpose, reach out to connect. Or follow me on Instagram @light.of.rai for some pearls of wisdom to light up your day.

Sending peace and love from my heart to yours.

Sharai xx

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