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Showing up for yourself

How do you show up for yourself?

By that, I mean, when do you stand strong in your truth and embrace the entirety of who you are. To share that with your friends, your family, work colleagues and those chance connections?

Along the journey of finding my way back to myself, I am really beginning to realise how much I have not been showing up for myself. This could come down to so many different factors; like moving to the other side of the country without any support or local connections, becoming a mother and experiencing a huge identity shift, find place in the workplace when so much in surrounding society has changed.

To pin it down to one experience would be near impossible, but they have all be detours that have placed me in situations that have challenged my resolve, my health, and my wellbeing. Overall, I have so much gratitude for these experiences as they would not have guided me to the place where I am right now. They would not have had the opportunity to bring me reflection on how far I have come, and the reassurance of the direction I am going.

It has been well over 10 years since I have truly done something to nurture my own worth. To grow my understanding of the workings of the world and embrace the joy that is my birthright. As I step back into study, that little spark deep inside of me that has been quietly flickering away is now excited that it has been rediscovered.

I am constantly having these reflections of how could I forget the magic of this?

And then I remember, I did what we all do at some point in our lives. We get caught up in the whirlwind of the modern-day expectations.

These experiences aren’t all for naught though, they are part of our soul contracts to increase our awareness and challenge our perceptions. To prepare our hearts for what is to come.

The more I let go of the fawning, the people pleasing, the need to meet others’ expectations before my own, the dimming of our light to keep peace and reduce awkwardness with others, and the denial of the song my heart craves to sing, to more I feel myself coming home. The whispers of my intuition become louder, and it’s clear I am out of practice of how to tune in.

I am excited for what this next step of the journey is to bring. The discovery of the forgotten knowledge that is available to me in my cells. My genetic code. My essence and connection to Source. It is a strength that I am slowly conditioning to become my own source of personal power.

To re-build my own foundations of what I know to be true within myself. To trust that knowledge. To have the faith to really show up for it.

I am realising and learning the lesson that all I have dreamed about and wished for myself has always been within my reach. That the jealousy of others or disappointment I may have held for them are roadblocks to my potential of abundance. They are the generational conditioning that I have been convinced I had to hide for fear of being weird or embarrassing those who were close to me.

To more I step into this space, the more I realise that the people I had to rein myself in from, or dim my light around, never truly wanted to see me succeed. Whether that is a response from their own conditioning or a mirror for my own behaviour, it has been that thorn in my side or that badge of hurt I have carried around for who knows how long but now is the time that I let it go.

I know that by letting go these limiting beliefs and holding my own hand and heart that the people who want to be apart of my sunshine will be drawn towards me. They will not miss the chance to be a part of my tribe.

By honouring and embodying my uniqueness, I bring an offer to the table that has never existed before. Sure, to some it may look the same as others, and in truth it might, but the delivery will be different. The essence of it will be like no other and that acknowledgement is what makes all the difference.

By stepping towards my light and showing up for myself, I am giving permission to all those souls around me that have questioned themselves and their own truth. That it is perfectly acceptable to be where you are right now. To be in a struggle and express it, to be happy and show it, to be full of rage and share it, to be full of love and embrace it.

In my experience so far, as I find my way back to myself, the synchronicities are really starting to present themselves.

My conversations with my peers are showing impact because my authentic energy is present. I am not pretending to be someone else.

If you sit with that last statement. I am not pretending to be someone else. Can you think back to a time, even if it was a recent as today where you interacted with someone and felt they weren’t very trustworthy. That their energy felt ‘off’ or the language they used seemed really jarring. This is the distortion of their own frequency. Their heart and soul trying to communicate one thing and their mind expressing a conflicting resolve. They are not showing up for themselves and their personal vibrations are clashing and creating an energetic mess.

When we are true within ourselves, we can recognise that the receiving of this energy as ‘unsafe’. Our intuition guides us not to believe, or to question the intent behind the individual. But we must remember that this chaos and energy mess is not an intentional response on their part.

We have the potential within ourselves to bring harmony to the chaos with our own energy. When we are connected to the truth and entirety of who we are, our frequency is stronger, and we can use that to influence those around us. To bring the light to the shadows we occasionally retreat to.

I am finding the more I surrender, the more I start to show up for myself. The more I see beyond what I was seeing. The more I let go of the influence of my generational ideals, the more I can sense the truth of my own. I can forgive the people in my family who have gone before me, I can allow them the grace that they did what they could with the tools provided them, and that they have provided the most powerful tool to me possible, the knowledge of their experience. With this, I can embrace my own experiences in life thus far and allow it to be the fire needed to ignite my spirit in this way.

The allowance, the permission to be a creatrix in this new paradigm. To be a voice, a leader, a visionary. To offer the permission of forgiveness to ourselves and those of most influence in our lives. To offer the opportunity and permission to heal.

That when we truly embrace all the magick that we are, that when we are fully showing up not only for ourselves, but for

Source and our reason for being. We bring about the raise in vibration and energy shift that the world, the universe needs right now.

I would love to know, what measures are you putting in place to show up for yourself, to show the world who you are?

Share in the comments.

Much love,

Sharai xx

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