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Levelling up into our next evolution

“We all grow and change. Our experiences shape us into our next evolution of ourselves.

To stay stagnant is a denial of your heart and soul’s purpose. You are denying yourself the joy and growth of divine alignment in this existence.

Breathe deep. Lean in.

Accept the version that was once you, is falling away for you to step up and into the next level in this game of life.”

In my recent observation of the world around me, and in my circles, there is a lot of life evolutions and levelling up going on. For most, this has been the reflection of stability in a relationship falling apart.

The relationships I have observed have come to a sticking point, and as a whole we’ve been forced to reshape everything we know. This is not to say this is all I am seeing, but the occurrence of this particular scenario is interesting.

What are we experiencing and discovering about ourselves that is causing us to look deeper within ourselves and highlight that which is no longer servicing us and our highest selves?

There have definitely been significant shifts in mindset over the last few years, predominantly as a reflection of the society scenarios that have played out. Many were forced to awaken, some were given the opportunity to delve deeper and others simply ignored it.

My biggest experience of this “levelling up” during the last few years has been the evolution of my own relationships, with my family and within my marriage.

Myself and my husband have been discovering more about ourselves and the roles we play within our relationship and the family dynamic. We’ve connected deeper on some levels and stepped away from others, but those that we have stepped away from – are parts of our previous selves. The parts that have been conditioned to behave a particular way. However, I believe the biggest growth we’ve experiences thus far is opening up our channels for communication.

Honest communication is something I have always struggled in. Even with myself.

As I have learned so far along this journey, is the importance of communication. With our hearts, our souls, and the people we care most about. And by opening my voice in this space – I have also encouraged his., resulting in growth and evolution for the both of us.

Looking back and seeing the difficult times, that they potentially could have given both of us the opportunity to stay stagnant, frustrated and ultimately dissolve our relationship. Yet, as we both traversed our own personal growth in different capacities, we saw these times as lessons being thrown in front of us to test our willpower to move on from trapped emotions from old experiences.

And I think the deal breaker in this example, was we both stepped outside of our comfort zones and communicated. We shared the raw emotions, what was showing up and triggering us. For me, it allowed pause to reflect upon the way I showed up and the reflection of misalignment within myself. Realising these misaligned centres needed attention for the beginning of moving forward in my growth.

Levelling up into the next evolution of ourselves looks different at successive stages.

I have unquestionably experienced mini level ups, and big upgrades. Evolutions that at the time felt they had me broken and unrepairable. With time and the sense to sit with the feelings, is what helped me get through it all.

Some call these times of deep reflection, dark nights of the soul. Where we can feel so helpless, lost, vulnerable and almost at a sense of death. And when we rise, we rise like the phoenix. Evolved in our consciousness.

To allow old versions of ourselves to “die” we need to surrender to that death. To breathe deep and lean into the moment.

Having acceptance of who we once were is really the only way to move forward. To acknowledge that we went through turbulent moments, and objectively chose to use that experience to teach us grace to move forward. To bring our hearts and souls into closer alignment.

When we choose to repeat the patterns, we deny ourselves the opportunity to step onto a new path. We deny the chance to experience another level of joy. We deny the fortuitous evolution of our existence.

The ebbs and flows, the ups and downs, of life are what build the foundation of our connection to a deeper version of our soul. Like a germinated seed, sprouting through the muck reaching for the radiance of the sunshine. So does the consciousness of our soul.

You can’t grow the lotus flower without the mud.

I know some days it is a challenge to be optimistic about our experience in life. Yet when you do reach that state of optimistic joy, you truly feel like you have stepped into the next evolution, version, upgrade of your previous state of being. Knowing that some day soon, you’re going to experience it all over again.

That alone makes this existence worth it – seeing the reward of how far we grown.

Interested in seeing how you can uplevel your life through finding alignment within yourself?

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