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Have faith in your inner voice.

Have faith in your inner voice.

It knows what’s best for your growth,

even if it takes you to the rock bottom depths of your soul,

your soul knows what it needs to do to become its unforgiving self.

It's any easier thing to say than to put into practice.

Especially if you have been conditioned to ignore it.

As well as listening to my inner voice more often,

I have been trying to make more time to listen to my body.

Even if our conscious mind doesn't recognise what is going on,

our subtle body does.

As I've been moving through all sorts of emotions and stressors recently,

my body is screaming at me to let go of that which is no longer serving me.

I've been holding on to patterns for a long time,

purely out of fear of surrendering to the unknown.

And it really has taken a toll on my health and now that I am making efforts to surrender - my body is moving through it.

Quite unhappily.

I know once I've integrated this, rather than bury or supress it,

I will be so much lighter and simmering with a desire to shine completely in my unforgiving self.

👇 What things are you doing to build faith in your inner voice?

📷 Cover photo Max Nguyen from Unsplash

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