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goddess rising

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve really heard and read a lot recently about the concept of The Goddess Rising. And I FEEL it.

I FEEL this want to connect to my sisters. It’s not a will but necessity.

That the Great Mother of this Earth needs us to connect. To connect with Her and to connect with each other.

Throughout this hiccup of life we’ve experienced over the last couple of years, we have been disconnected. Mostly from ourselves, and most certainly from our loved ones.

When we connect and interact with others, we raise our vibration. We share our will to love. Have you ever noticed after spending time with a loved friend how much lighter your heart is? I know I feel it. This is the way it should always be.

When we connect with out sisters, we open our hearts to the power of the goddess. Our power to nurture and love.

A couple of months ago, one of my dear friends invited me to a Moon Sister Circle. It’s a gathering of other women to celebrate the moon, the feminine and our sisterhood in all its glory. It wasn’t until the drive home, that I realised how much my soul craved and needed that connection and celebration. It was something I was quietly searching for in my community, and perhaps I wasn’t vibrating on the right wavelength to receive that energy, but when the opportunity to participate did arise, it was perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a more aligned moment.

In the months since, it’s really deepened my research about celebrating our inner goddess. Not in the sense of our external characteristics that we hear about on social media and labelling it ‘self-care’. I’m referring to the true spiritual goddess. The acceptance of all the ups and downs of our emotions, embracing our bodies and the magic it has the potential to create. That being connected to our inner goddess we ooze an aura of sexuality and confidence without outwardly showing any suggestion of it.

Somewhere along the away (I believe this is the influence of society, our own mothers and the patriarch figure head) we became disconnected from this inner goddess and were engrained with a sense of shame for celebrating our light. I strongly believe this is something I experienced growing up, that all the womanly things we start experiencing were something to hide and not to be spoken about. That it wasn’t acceptable to have confident conversations about periods, the celebration of the cycle and as it became age appropriate celebrating the wonder of sexual connections. I was taught that it wasn’t something you talked with your peers about, nor discussed the details. And when I mean discussing the details, I don’t mean in a crude way, I mean the discussion of the love energies. I was led to believe it was all about physical connection and the mental (spiritual connection) was downplayed as to be unimportant. Through what I know now, it’s all about the mental connection. It's about embracing our inner goddess and sharing it’s power, it’s femininity with our partner. When that goddess energy flows, it is magic.

Learning this, it makes me wonder why we deny ourselves the greatness of love. And I realise it’s our conditioning. That we were led to believe we are not worthy of it until we meet the expectation set by some man way, way back in our history. There was a time when the goddess, the oracle, the mother was revered by everyone. That all phases of our lives were celebrated.

And now, I feel that goddess energy rising again.

It feels like I’ve been trapped in a dark room and suddenly, a gap has appeared in the curtain and has begun to illuminate the space. It’s only a crack, but it’s enough to see the potential to come. And I’m excited to learn more about myself as another layer of the veil is lifted away.

So, this post, is to you, my sister, my SOUL sister. Allow yourself to love, for the sake of love. To feel the good feeling vibrate and weave its way through ALL elements of your being. Let it seep from your pores, radiate through your energy, and shine brightly from your heart.

Accept your goddess. If you’re a brother, accept your goddess rising too. Allow the feminine part of you to connect with ALL of your being. A praise any goddess that is present in your life for the complete magic she embodies. Take this small and important step and I think you will be surprised at the energies you will attract.

Thank you for being here, in my little space, reading the thoughts that seem to just spew across the page.

Until next time. Xx

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