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Frogs + Erupting Volcanos - Interpretating Vivid Dreams

volcano erupting in the mountains with frogs
Visual representation of my dream.

Every so often I have really vivid dreams.

You know the ones, when you wake up and swear, they seem so real.

I have had many a discussion of these type of dreams with my husband before (he has the often too, especially after doing his night-time meditations) and I believe they are the insight to our universal selves.

It is us witnessing the existence of our alternative selves.

When you feel that strong connection with the dream, is the universe showing you this scenario now, so you don’t have to experience it later in your current existence?

I believe this to be the case, but as another element to it, I believe we are shown these particular things as an unconscious interpretation of what we are moving through in this existence.

It is the opportunity to see the deeper insight available to us.

In this distinct dream, there were a few key elements that have stayed with me upon waking.

The first is the setting of the scene. Walking through a large open air terrarium, my kids were playing amongst it all. Not long after, there was a high pitch buzz in the air and these gigantic frog hands started appearing out of the leaves and clicking. Far in the distance there was a deep rumble. To further investigate we ran up the stairs, leaving the terrarium and back on to the balcony of the main house. Off in the distance, I saw this large hot, fire cloud shoot out of the low rocky hills. And then the mountain started to split open and the crevice of fire and lava raced towards us.

As this happened, I wasn’t full of fear or anxiety as I expected I would be. In similar dreams, it had felt like it was a race for survival. This time however, it truly felt like a beginning. I was calm and collected and not at all fearful, because I knew that what was arising around me needed to occur.

After some reflection there were two elements of the dream that stood out.

The frogs and the erupting volcano (and my calmness to it all).

Upon some further research, Frogs have quite a powerful symbolism spiritually. They are an omen of rebirth, renewal and transformation, and the dream interpretation of frogs can symbolise a personal transformation, a new beginning, and major life changes.

As per the second part, the erupting volcano, this presents itself when there is a tectonic shift. A possible reflection of a psychological shift happing in life, a change in consciousness and personal transformation. It is the channel of the subconscious coming to erupt on the surface, in spiritual terms, can relate to an awakening and rebirth.

Both of these elements of the dream are a confirmation for me of what I am currently moving through in my life, and the sense of calm whilst these occur shows me, I am walking in alignment with my souls will.

I don’t like to describe it as divine will, as in this instance, I am the divine being manifested into this existence.

I mentioned at the start of this article that I don’t often have vivid dreams, and that is true. Over the last year of my journey, I have been trying to pay more attention to the whispers of my soul and begin to really tune in to my intuition.

I have come to realise this practice and honing of the skill, really does take a lifetime and consistency. As well as the day-to-day things that bring us into alignment with all aspects of ourselves. And that takes surrendering to the flow.

If you’re interested in finding out more how you can be in alignment with yourself, your personal mission, your soul purpose, check out my coaching offers here.

I would love to hear more about what type of vivid dreams you have had that brought about personal change for you.

Share in the comments. 👇

Much love,

Sharai xx

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