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Following the Threads through Life

Following the "red" thread.

Through soul contracts to soul purpose.

Our path to Dharma (another word for soul purpose) has never been designed or intended to be a direct route. A straight line to a destination. It has been predetermined for us by the contracts we made with the universe before we even entered it. We pre-prepared our life circumstances to offer the body of our human existence the best opportunity for soul growth. However, we forget all this information as we grow. As children we can see between the veil of worlds, see more that what our older selves can see.

They can see the magick between the dust motes that spin around in the rays of sunshine. Some days as adults, when we are connected, we see have the sight to see this magick, but it takes letting go of the conditioned ideals that shadow your etheric eyes.

You may have heard the idea of following the red thread, but what is it really?

It is the knowledge of looking back on all that has occurred in your life, the unfortunate circumstances, and the epic wins. It is being able to recognise all the similarities in the lessons. That you are being led to a place you may never expected.

As children, we are often conditioned to follow our dreams. However, they are not truly ever our dreams. They are the reflections of our guardians and all they wished they could pursue.

Being a parent myself, I can see this thought. That we feel it is our responsibility to offer the most logical advice that will see our offspring succeed in the best way possible. We unconsciously push them toward making the safe decisions, that it is foolhardy to follow lofty dreams that bring about personal freedom.

This is the generational conditioning that to have any measure of success, it needs to be hard earned. Earned from the input of hard manual labour, long hours with minimum financial reward.

In this phase of my journey, I recognise I have been conditioned in this way. I have huge limiting beliefs around money, I have been convinced that unless I slave away at the job, that I am unworthy of receiving the financial freedom. That employment must come in the form of the Monday to Friday, 9 – 5 ethic. It was never a topic of conversation that it could be possible to be financially rewarded whilst being honest with my creative passions and pursuits. That being a change maker, a rule breaker or artist would pay off. There were all things that they system taught me were to be hobbies and side projects, and if you made an income from them that was just a bonus.

Finding my way home back to myself has been a long process. At least 10 years that I can estimate, and it involved leaving what I knew behind and taking a leap to start something new. I had to remove myself from the surroundings that were too familiar and throw myself in the deep end, to tread water and figure it all out with no help, just the subtle whispered guidance of the universe.

In this phase of my life, it has been entirely testing. I questioned multiple times if I had made the right decision, things were so tough that I can’t remember how many times I cried myself to sleep at night wondering how I was going to get through, to find that air bubble to breathe in fresh air. I am so thankful for these times, because the offered to push I needed. The discomfort for which I had to dig so deep and pull up my big girl pants and work it out. To put the faith in my own capabilities and see what good I could make out of uncomfortable situations.

These times haven’t put me in the best financial position I would wish to be in for someone my age, however, the life experience is irreplaceable. The soul growth and knowledge I have received through the challenges and obstacles have been so emotionally valuable, they have provided the opportunity to tap into an ancestral wisdom that was previously unavailable to me.

I am beginning to see the power made available to me. The power of reflection, to ability to look back and see all the good that has come out of the discomfort, heartbreaks, and smiles. I can begin to trace the common threads, the darting back and forth, the criss-crossing of experiences, chance meetings and souls I have had the privilege of connecting with.

All of this was designed to be. Designed and intended by my highest self.

Knowing this now, I can focus on surrendering and having faith that there is a universal plan. I do, however, realise I have free will in these decisions and must present to see the opportunities and experiences for what they are.

I could completely surrender, yet nothing could result from it. It would be the surrender of boring experiences and achieving all that I needed to make it to the next day. There is no excitement in that. I want to surrender to the fails, the wins, the ups and downs, the ebbs, and flows. To let my red thread, get caught up in tangles and knots. To have the opportunity to look back with a smile and see how far I have truly come. Knowing that my purpose here is to be the visionary of my family. To work with other family members to break our ancestral traumas. The things that have been holding us back.

I desire to be the rebel, to show that what I was told was impossible is well within my achievable bounds. To be the torch bearer to all that went before and all that are to come that there is no fear in following your dreams. In following that inner spark that lights you up.

Have you thought about following your own red thread, to trace back all the important and valuable skills you have learnt that are preparing you to embody your highest self?

If the idea of this is resonating with you, share in the comments your own journey thus far or if you need a little assistance in recognising all the wins, reach out for complimentary discovery call to Intuitive Soul Coaching.

I would love to hear your story, Much love,

Sharai, xx

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