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Do you practice automatic writing?

Automatic Writing is something that I probably don’t practice enough.

It is the process of sitting and letting your mind just write, without thinking about the content. Letting the words flow.

You could describe it as channelled thought or divine wisdom, connection to higher self.

I find it is the time I find the best revelations and reminders.

It is the thoughts that my mind is constantly trying to whisper to me, but for whatever reason, the surrounding noise is too loud that it drowns the whispers out.

I find it helpful to do

this at times I feel stagnant and stuck. Unsure about my current direction or a choice I must make.

It’s helpful notes t

hat when I read them back to myself, I feel the support of my intuition behind the words.

I’d love to know, do you practice automatic writing and in what way?

Here’s an example of a quick 10 mins I had to let the pen flow…

Change is coming. The transition right now will be challenging but the reward will be more than you ever dreamed. Allow the time to sit with yourself. Allow the time to just breathe. In the cycles of energy, you can’t keep skipping one to get to the next, eventually it will come back to you, to force you to take action on it. Flow with what is showing up for you right now. See it for the lessons and soul nourishment that it is. When you can allow yourself to surrender to what is happening in your surroundings, you will be finding the happiness that is showing through. Filling your own cup so you have enough spill over for those need your comfort and time. Trust in that what is happening is for your own greater good. To prepare and reward you for the amazingness that is about to land. Open your arms wide enough to receive, place your heart in the energy oof gratitude. It WILL come.

How does this flow of writing resonate with you? Share in the comments.

Much Love,

Sharai xx

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