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A prayer to the Ocean

I surrender to the ocean the blocks that have withheld me from opening my soul and heart to be open.

I surrender to the ocean all that no longer serves me and the divine plan the universe holds for me.

I open my heart to be a channel for the divine will, my dharma, my purpose of inhabiting this being to experience what I need to, to become the power I desire, my soul craves to be.

I let go that which is no longer of us to my universal journey. I offer it to the breaking waves of the ocean, to crush and disband that which held me tight. I hold hope that my dreams are close, that manifestation is imminent.

Be brave enough to open your heart, fully, without judgement.

Without pause, just leap.

The divine mother will hold you tight in her embrace of love.

Deep down you know your hearts desire, you know your worth. Stop blocking yourself from the sunshine you emanate. Shine.

As bright as you can. In every way that you can. Your uniqueness and way is powerful, use it fully to your advantage.

Be the light that awakens the masses.

Be the guide that shows the baby steps to awaken and crack open the most closed off of hearts.

Have faith. Trust in yourself.

You know you have the power to change the world, in subtlety or in the spotlight.

Be the leader you wish you had.

Ignite the change. Keep the faith.

What you need is coming, open your arms to receive.

Cover Photo: Photo by Apollo Photography on Unsplash

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