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A Purge to the ocean

This is a little ritual I do when things seem a little all too consuming. I find a place close to body of water. (I'm lucky enough to live close to some of the most gorgeous beaches in South East Queensland, Australia, so always a little bit spoilt for choice) Find yourself seated in a comfortable position, facing your chosen body of water. Whether it's a stream, creek, pond, lake, waterfall or the ocean.

Close down the eyes, and slow down your breath. For 10 rounds, breathe in deep for 3 counts and breathe out for 3 counts. This will bring your attention closer to your heart.

Let all feelings of ill will, come to the front your mind. See the feelings, acknowledge them, and thank them. Let them go. The frustrations, the worries, the angst, confusion, anger, anything that you feel is weighing you down.

Surrender that which doesn't do you service for the highest good.

Imagine throwing them into the water. In your minds eye, you see them disperse as they hit the surface. These feelings that having been holding you back from finding peace, they dissipate until it is no longer of concern.

Do this practice as often as required to bring yourself back to a place of balance.

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