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Soul Coaching
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Soul Coaching as an Employer/Business

You may think that coaching is just for the 1:1 container, I am here to tell you that soul coaching has its place in every environment.

Over the last few years, much has changed in the world, especially the way people perceive and engage within their workplace.
If you follow many of the published business journals, you would be up to the date with the talk of terms like ‘great resignation’ and ‘quiet quitting’. These things have occurred as the collective has had the time to reflect and contemplate on the things that they value as important in their work-life balance.


If an employee has identified an unbalance, originating from their workplace, they are more likely to reduce their engagement with the job requirements and may have increases in workplace conflict and sick days, eventually leading to a resignation and moving on from that particular employment.

When it comes to successful business, people are the foundation.
Yes, you can streamline and automate business in every which way possible, but somewhere in the mix, there is a human doing, and you want that human to be involved and “being” as much as possible.

When you have a person who is excited and passionate about what they do, you will notice an increase in productivity, flowing through to an increase in revenue and other business successes.
All of this can be reviewed and measured through business analytics.

So, all of this may come across as reasonable statements to make, but how do you act on discovering what lights up your employees?

There are many paths to this discovery, and I have found the best way is to authentically engage and have genuine interest in what a person is about and what makes them who they are.
Not everyone will know this information. In fact, most are still trying to figure out who they are by trying on different hats and job roles, momentarily using that title as their personal definition until they feel confident in establishing the elements of what they do and do not like doing.

Sometimes as an employer it might be seen as a red flag noticing an employee jumping from one interest to another. Yet there are ways you can support your team in encouraging distinct roles to create productive outcomes.

This support can look like offering personal development opportunities within the business environment.

Us as humans crave to be connected, and we are looking for all the ways possible to establish and maintain authentic connections. As an employer, if you can offer the circumstances for authentic connection and engagement between peers, clients, customers, and all employees of the business, you are more likely to have higher levels of commitment.
When commitment and engagement is high, the flow of success is easily recognisable.

People are the most undervalued asset in business, so it makes sense to invest in that asset.
Making that investment unleashes a new level of potential.

If you are interested in engaging with myself for Soul coaching within your business and eager to discuss how it can be beneficial for your future growth, please use the contact form below.

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