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An Introduction to the CREATIVE side of RAI.

If you could find one word that tethers all of my creative works together, it is ABSTRACT.

From the abstract elements in fibre and textile creations, to the coarse brushwork and texture in my paintings, to the lines in my illustrations, there is a thread that weaves between it all.

In my mind, I like to call it creative vomit that spews forth from the heart, searching for a means in which to come together.

Yet I adore the chaotic compositions in which it does.


Creative expression to me is completely intuitive.

It is the beckoning of a spark that is craving to be ignited. It is my light, ambitious to be shared.

To be seen for the rawness that is a piece of my soul laid bare, for the observer to interpret at their own will and level of conscious evolution. With abstract, you see whatever you will yourself to see.

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When I come across something that has made a difference or changed my life,
I canno
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So, I've complied a list of my favourite products + reads.

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