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Reminiscent of the macrame designs of the 70's this macraweave wall hanging is shouting it's vintage vibes. 


Featuring mustard warp, and string in a mix of natural, chartreuse, cloud grey, antique gold, antique peach, sage and eucalyptus green and a splash of beige. 


This TUTTI FRUITY mix is a subdued versions of what you might find in a tingles packet but still manages to hold its own. 


It's fluffy and 'shag' inspired finish makes you want to run your hands through it and comb it all over again (trust me it's addictive). 


If you're looking for a vintage inspired textured wall piece, than this is the one for you. 

Measuring approximately 26cm wide X 40cm tall. 

Hanging on foraged driftwood from Burleigh Headland. 


This piece on it's way to you may experience a little 'flattening'. It's no worries, the fibres are pretty robust, run your fingers through it to 'fluff' it up and then comb in a downward motion to make it all pretty again. 


**while every effort has been made to photograph this wall hanging and it's colours accurately, please take into consideration the difference in lighting and screen settings of individual devices.**

TUTTI FRUITY Macraweave Wallhanging

AU$145.00 Regular Price
AU$116.00Sale Price
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