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Okeanos - Oceanus in latin. 

The earth encircling river. 


This mini series of original mixed media pieces was inspired by a past commission piece, albeit a raw version of it. 


I am always inspired by the ocean and the depths of emotion it offers us. 

In this series of works I have added swirls, akin to bubbles of air rising to the surface. Collecting and swirling elements of life on it's journey. 


As is my belief with all artistic work, you will see what you want to see and connect in your own way. 

Own one or multiple in this series of eight original and unique works. 

Measuring approximately 18cm W x 26.5cm H, mixed media (acrylic, oil pastel + acrylic ink) on card stock.  

Okeanos Series - 1/8

  • This piece is an original work. Meaning you can see and feel the bumps and textures that went into creating it. Art is what it is. 

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