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MARLEY Chunky Rainbow.


Everyone loves a rainbow.

Rainbows have significance in different ways to many people but the most important one of all... they always bring a smile.


The MARLEY chunky rainbow features merino wool art yarn, recycled silk ribbon, metallic silver string and cute little wool felt pom poms. 

Inspired by the deeper blues of the ocean, perfect for an ocean or even space themed kids room.

Makes a great birthday or baby shower gift.


These rainbows are finished with long brushed out tassels, our signature rainbow style.

This rainbow is designed to be imperfect in its unevenness.

An ode to embrace everything as we are.


Measuring approximately 24cm W x 26cm H.

MARLEY Chunky Rainbow

  • Please note this is a handmade product - so imperfections will be evident and thus the nature of buying and supporting small business.

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