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An inspired piece by the earth and muladhara (otherwise known as the root chakra).

Using colours like chocolate, terracotta, light pinks, red and peach. 

These mini weaves are same same but different. 
Similar in appearance, yet unique in their creation. 


Featuring sustainably sourced fibres, recycled cotton and sari silk ribbons and merino wool yarn and roving. 


This warm and inviting piece will inspire a sense of grounding, akin to the intent it was created. 

Designed to be abstract in nature, fibre art will talk to you in whichever way you receive it. 


See the intent behind it's creation or simply see it for the artwork that it is. 


Measuring approximately 16cm. 


**while every effort has been made to photograph this wall hanging and it's colours accurately, please take into consideration the difference in lighting and screen settings of individual devices.*

GROUNDED Mini Round Macraweave Wall Hanging

  • Please note this is a handmade product - so imperfections will be evident and thus the nature of buying and supporting small business.

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