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FAQ's of Soul Coaching
in Business

What does a Soul Coaching in Business session look like?

As an introduction to Soul Coaching in Business, I offer an in-person presentation.

This involves your key players, or all of your team, depending on the size of your business.
We go through what is “Soul Coaching in business” and how it not only can be beneficial to the business, but the individuals that are employed who make up an integral part of the business.

We investigate what Dharma Archetypes™ are and how they help identify what our purpose and key desires are. In this section, we undertake the Dharma Archetype Quiz™, ranking each archetype and then delving deeper to discover how each archetype can relate to our personalities, how we show up in the world, job roles and day-to-day tasks that we find pleasure in and enjoy doing.

We look further into personality make-up with the Human Design tools.

This can be incredibly insightful to some as it provides an understanding of how an individual will interact and respond with others and the environment around them.

We discuss how having a level of understanding and knowledge about an individual's personality needs and traits can best support them to bring their applicable passions to roles within the business, ultimately making them your best asset.


Struggling to engage your team within the business to be productive?

A common thought crossing many leaders minds right now.

How can you engage your team to be more productive?
Well, it starts with honestly getting to know your team.

You know the basics, their name, their family, what car they might drive, where they live and maybe even what they got up to on the weekend.
Yet do you know what makes them tick?
What are the activities and tasks that really excite them?

Everybody has their calling and purpose to everything they do. And it does not look the same for everyone. Some tasks one person my despise, another may absolutely love.
It is a matter of understanding the people already within your business and finding that spark that lights them up. Once establishing this understanding, you will know how to attract the right people for any future roles that arise – making recruitment a lot simpler.

Personality quizzes like Enneagram, Dharma Archetype™, Human Design are all tools used to discover the elements of which makes a person be who they are.

How can you best support your business further?

After engaging with an introduction to Soul coaching in Business, you may feel adequately equipped to make changes within your business to put some of the learned information into play.
Most however, find that this is the beginning of change within their business.

To support your business further, means supporting your team who make up your business.
You can offer alterations to role positions and agreements that are inclusive of their key passions and drive to purpose. Other alternatives are engaging in group coaching sessions, face to face or online dynamic, offering to fund 1:1 coaching session, personal development courses and time to encourage growth within the role.

It is well known within industry that if you can inspire your people, offer support, and acknowledge needs on an individual basis that the perception within the business creates unbound loyalty and retention, which then directly reflects in the community.

Something to consider, what have you go to lose by engaging with the people who power your business?


It sounds like woohoo, spiritual, hippie BS.

To some, it may.
But if it can improve the successes of your business, does it really matter?

The way we engage in business is constantly changing, and this also includes the way we engage with people.
As a whole, we are craving more community led businesses. Business that actively take an interest in their people as well as their customers. People not only want to know about the ethics behind a business's operation, but they also want to see it. Feel the energetics of it.

With the clear establishment of social media – the community will do their research first before engaging with a business. So, what does your community engagement say about your business and the people involved?
Are they happy? Is there a clear definition of expectations? Flexible options for work/life balance? Could they see themselves being a part of the community?

There is great insight to be learned from the experience of knowing your people on a soul level and providing them with the tools to know themselves.
If you can provide your business with empowered, confident, soulfully aligned individuals, imagine the applications that would have? Not only would your people be higher productive in their job roles – the atmosphere of the environment would be one of enthusiasm, appreciation, and joy.

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