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Got a few more questions?

That's understandable and more than okay!
If your query is not answered in the options below, be sure to send through you questions in the contact link.

  • Do you offer commissions?
    Absolutely! In the past I have only offered artistic mix media commissions - What is that? That is developing creative works in my chosen media of acrylic + mixed materials to my unique abstract style. Through discussions of colours and styles that is complementary to it's new home as well as playing true to my artistic aesthetic. I do NOT however replicate other artworks. See something you like from another artist - support them and buy their work!
  • What type of creative works do you offer?
    I offer many different creative works. From Fibre Art, mixed media paintings, fine art illustrations, digital design and photography. If there is something in particular you wish to see more of - please reach out.
  • Do you make custom made Fibre Art?
    Absolutely I do! Depending on the custom creative work involved, this is a made to order option and will take time - as it is all handmade! For larger pieces - we can certainly work within specific colour schemes to suit the destined space for the work.
  • Are your Fibre Art materials sustainably sourced?
    Yes! The majority of my textile supplies are sourced from a small business in Australia who has developed high quality sustainably sourced and recycled fibres. Did I also mention they are so ridiculously soft to touch? Using natural cotton fibres - form will change in differing environments and is the nature and design of my artistic creations.
  • What is an intuitive reading?
    A reading is the process of connecting to our intuitive self and reading the energy as messages. This is commonly done through the use of Oracle or Tarot Cards. It is tapping into the energy and vibrations and utilising intuitive guidance to translate the messages provided by our higher selves or source energy. It is a strong reminder that if the messages seem vague, perhaps an opening of the mind is required, and that free will is always present. Readings are a great way to find a little more clarity to a particular question you have top of mind. They can provide insightful information to an obstacle you may be facing or an alternative perspective that might have been a consideration.
  • Reading for others
    As an intuit, I have the ability to tap into source energy and channel messages, as we all can do with practice. When reading for others, it is a matter of finding a little more about you so I can connect with your vibrational energy and intuitive translate the messages coming through. This is done through a brief questionnaire. Something to remember is that source energy exists outside of time and space. So, with having the intention of reaching out for a reading, you could already be receiving the information you need – it is just a matter of translation, which is where my role exists. A matter of consideration, that these messages are designed for guidance and are not universal law as you will forever and always maintain free will in your actions.
  • Do Card Readings Tell The Future?
    The simple answer is no. The beauty of our existence is the power of free will. Through every thought and action, we can diversely change the direction of our lives. Card Readings are ideal for providing assistance - a draw card to align unconscious thoughts and intentions.
  • What is an Intuitive Coach?
    An intuitive coach is a professional coach who follows the same principles and teachings of traditional coaching, such as goal setting, working on habits and beliefs, but the difference is an intuitive coach encourage you to connect to the deepest parts of yourself, guide you through your intuition and help you to tap into the power of the divine energy we all feel the presence of. Life coaching can be a bit daunting to undertake, and many get the idea that if they work with a coach, they will get their life planned out step by step. This isn’t the case when working with an intuitive life/soul coach. The ultimate goal of an Intuitive Soul Coach is to guide to the path and provide the reflections that lead to finding wholeness with oneself. A key area of intuitive coaching is tapping into your own energy and dispelling any blockages that may be stopping you from achieving your higher purpose.
  • So, what is it like to work with an intuitive soul coach?
    As with all forms of coaching, what you receive in most circumstances be the mirror of what you willing to be open to receiving. It is my goal to help work through potential blockages and ask the questions that will provide your own valuable insight; however, it is not my place to tell you how or what your soul purpose is. Only you hold the key to unlocking that information, I am here to be of service to assist and support you to remember where you left that key. Meaningful lessons are best learnt by us. When we are told the details of the how to do something, when we get to the final stage and see the fruits of our labours, they can be an immense sense of underwhelm and emptiness – that there should be something more to it. The truth of it – there was. There are supposed to be challenges and obstacles so we can learn to stretch the boundaries of our hearts and alter the views of our perceptions. Without seeing something from all angles, we will only ever experience the 2D of it all. This may be your first time working with a coach or your tenth. You will notice that no coach is alike, there may be similarities to the specialty – however there will never be no one the same. Coaching is building a relationship, a partnership, and a dance. In the realm of soul purpose coaching if it doesn’t resonate with you, that is more than okay. Myself and my industry peers are all here to be of service and wish to so in complete energetic alignment with you. If my style, my uniqueness does not align with the place you are currently at, please visit my “network” page to view other available coaches. If you’ve reached it this far into this piece, welcome. Like you, I am on my own healing and spiritual journey and have been for 15+ years. with rock bottoms and forgetting myself to winning highs. I trust in my life experience and my intuitive insight to be of service in the coaching container to assist in guiding you towards your inner light and insight to unlocking your soul’s purpose. If you are interested in working with me, please visit the services page for all available options.
  • What is a higher/soul purpose (Dharma)
    Often, people come to coaching sessions to connect with their higher purpose. Your higher purpose, soul purpose or Dharma represents living a life that is meaningful, that is in connection with your core values and ultimately fulfils and lights you up, it’s your why to get out of bed every morning. You may already have an idea of what your higher purpose is, but different energies can present blockages that prevent you from connecting with it. Or it could simply, you have fulfilled one soul contract and are ready to start the next. Intuitive coaching goes much deeper into the source of a problem or challenge than traditional coaching, as it not only analyses your behaviours but also probes on a spiritual level. It is a questioning of all that you believe in and finding insights that assist in opening your heart, body, and mind on all levels. You might come to coaching because you feel a little lost, you’re not sure where your life is going, or you feel dissatisfied, but nothing is actually wrong. Intuitive coaching makes you realise a great tool to assist in finding the keys to unlock who you are in your core as a person, as a spiritual being, which will further lead you to discover your true purpose in life. Acknowledging that we are whole, have strengths, weaknesses, issues, and fears is a helpful grounding technique that encourages you to move forward in the healing process.
  • How can intuitive coach help me?
    Perhaps you have many questions or are curious about the way an Intuitive Coach can help you. Primary questions asked and insights offered could be: Why am I here? What do I want to create or usher in, in this lifetime? What am I consistently being called to do? What is my dream of who I want to become? Coaching can help you overcome obstacles and potential blockages by guiding you to access your intuition and inner wisdom. To help you acknowledge your thoughts, patterns, behaviours and beliefs that have been holding you back from reaching what you truly desire. In Intuitive coaching, it is likely you will have to confront the root cause of those blockages which can be difficult, as a coach we are here to mirror, support and guide you to recognise your whole self. Intuitive coaching is about helping you to be whole and complete, which can only really be achieved from within. To connect with your innate inner wisdom, inner core values and determine your true passion. Your personal mission. Once this wholeness is achieved, we are able to seek abundance in all areas of our lives, that will up our own tank and those we surround ourselves with. Engaging with an Intuitive coach can be highly transformational as it paves the way and forges the path for a more fulfilling life.
  • Can an Intuitive Coach help with my business?
    Absolutely. Like coaching on a personal level and business sense, Intuitive Business Coaching will share similarities to a traditional business/personal coach in setting goals and actions to achieve a desired outcome. However, an Intuitive Coach will keep a more spiritual inspiration at the centre of things.
  • What are Dosha’s and how can they help me?
    Dosha’s are Ayurvedic energy types. They tell you who you are, how you show up and how you’re meant to be of service. Knowing your primary Dosha is of great assistance in relating to the phases of your purpose and soul journey. It is a great tool to utilise to map and focus on how to show up in your day to day, your cycle and your journey in life. Knowing your energy type can assist you in an awareness of the energy fields and shifting emotional states to bring you back into alignment with the source of energy, creating harmony in life.
  • Coaching as a tax expense
    In some countries/states utilising the services of a coach either in a personal or business development sense can contribute as an expense or a tax deduction. It would be in your best interest to investigate further with your local taxation agency. If you can be the best version of yourself following your Dharma, in any role that your play in your life, that is an asset to your own business and that of the one you are employed by.
  • Coaching & Therapy
    Coaching and therapy have similarities, however the topics that are delved in to do differ. Intuitive Soul coaching is a coaching container where the focus is connecting with your intuition, your inner wisdom and finding your personal mission, your soul purpose in this current journey. Along the way, obstacle and challenges will be worked through and in some instances, it can walk the line of addressing trauma and acknowledging personal triggers. When these things surface and the knowledge of them is quite triggering and affecting everyday life, this is the time you will be encouraged to seek the guidance and assistance of a professional in that relative field. Therapy and Coaching can work hand in hand together, yet depending on your own personal circumstances, coaching many need to pause whilst your emotional body is being healed. Know that seeking the assistance of a therapist is not shameful. It is an act of self-love and a consideration for your highest self that you recognise and potential blockages that require healing and release for you to truly step into connection with your whole self.
  • Who do I work with?
    I work with people from all scopes of life. From those who know nothing about what “spirituality” is to those who are versed in different ideology. Soul coaching is a personal experience, and you may seek guidance and alignment in a professional/corporate scenario or to find alignment within yourself in your personal world. Coaching works for you how you want it to serve you.
  • Is Spiritual Coaching religious?
    Spiritual coaching and I are not affiliated with any religion. Through your experience you may connect and resonate with different terminology of what spirituality is to you. God, Goddess, Divine, Universe, Great Mother, Highest Self, Source, Spirit. It is your own definition of your view of a higher power and how you choose to see it.
  • Do I have to be local to work with you?
    The wonderful thing about the internet is the opportunity to connect no matter where you are. I am based on the Gold Coast, QLD, Australia, and I work with people based all over the world through the online portal of Zoom. I do politely request you are proficient in speaking my primary language of English.
  • How do the online coaching sessions work?
    Our sessions are held through the application of Zoom. When you book a session, you will be emailed a unique link. If you are unable to use Zoom, Microsoft Teams can be used as an alternative upon request.
  • What if coaching is no longer working out for me?
    I offer different coaching containers depending on your desired level of commitment. If for whatever reason you feel that our coaching containers are no longer serving you and you have remaining sessions left in your package, we can place your remaining sessions “on hold” to resume at a later date. I understand that things do come up and it can be challenging to show up for yourself, and I strongly encourage you to keep the sessions. This places a level of accountability on yourself to come back when you are ready, or we can simply “shift” our session focus to support you through your personal challenge.
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