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It's not about shining my light to brighten someone else's shadows.
It is a coaxing and encouragement that we each have our own light within us worthy of having its own moment.

Coaching with me is about bringing forth which already exists within you.
It is finding the inner wisdom that exists deep in our souls and bringing forth the knowledge that we can truly achieve and dream of anything we put our mind to, as well as acknowledging that the inner and outer workings of our body and mind work best when in alignment.

I don't imagine myself being a guru, a healer and sometimes even a coach.
This place here is where I share my stories and lay the groundwork for familiarity and building connections of trust.

I am here to create tangible conversations, that reflect back what you might not see in yourself. To build the confidence in trusting your own intuition to assist you in finding the right questions to ask for the answers you seek.

To be your champion, your personal cheerleader to encourage you to chase your creative ideas.

Coaching can be a lot of things - a thing that ultimately comes down to the desire you wish it to be.

Every coach is going to have their own methods, approach, stories and focus. You may even find yourself engaging in multiple coaches at one given time to fill the gaps where another does not fill. And coaching with the same coach is unlikely to be forever.

Over time we as coaches and our clients are destined to grow - and akin to everything that grows - we can expand and overgrow from the containers in which we started from.

Following from that thought, when we do flourish we should also allow ourselves to be aware of our surrounding environments, with the realisation that some things cannot be forced.

If you're not feeling it, you're not feeling it.
This is where it takes courage to trust in your intuition and reach deep into those feelings.
Maintaining appointments for the sake of going through the motions do not do anyone any favours, least of all yourself.

Your energy is sacred and worthy of respect. Allow yourself to be honest in each session you show up - even the days you questions whether you truly don't want to show up. This is the time to sit with the thought as find the reason why?

Is it your ego creating fear of reaching new ground and passing previous thresholds? Or is simply because there is no honest connection?
With these questions alone, is the reason why I offer "connection chats".
An opportunity to connect with the only commitment being your time.

If any of this is resonating with you and you wish to engage with my coaching services - reach out below.


Grow Your Vision

Ready to build confidence in trusting your own intuition?
Book in for a FREE 30 minutes Connection Chat.

So why the focus on COACHING FOR CREATIVES?

Every CREATIVE deserves someone championing their dreams.

Being a creative myself (and a perfectionist in that) self criticisms can be our own undoing.

In this coaching container, I am here to be the reminder that you don't require permission to find joy in what you love - just courage to chase the dream.
It is about finding that spark within you, that flare that just "clicks".

Forcing creative desires can feel like an endless cycle of perfectionism and not truly connecting to your inner self - THIS is about finding connection through intuitive practices and aligning mindset that feels natural.

waves banner.jpg
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