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My VISION is to be a manifestation of my heart - the visual outpouring and communication of my soul.
The collaboration of my creative being to the voice that speaks with spirit.
LIGHT OF RAI + it's collective spaces is a true and authentic representation of my inner dialogue and the intuitive wisdom it has to share.

Connect with purpose through owning unique one-of-a-kind works, consciously designed merch or with presence through conscious conversations for wellbeing, soul alignment and the seeking of own truths.

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What is Light of Rai?
Well… I’m Light of Rai!

Rai is a shortened version of my name, Sharai,
and I am a multifaceted and multidimensional being. I am a natural-born creative, as well as an advocate for wellness and alignment between all versions of ourselves. I am a crystal lover, serial crafter, dreamer, chaser of the sun and moon, and seeker of knowledge and growth.


I truly believe that I am a princess of the Sun (loose translation of my given names) here to serve the collective. To bring and shine the light, the sunshine into the hearts of those around me.
And through sharing ALL of my passions, that is how I am here to serve.

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Why share the journey? It is a question I can imagine many are thinking whenever they come across a blog post or an article.

Like you, I am sure whenever you have stumbled across a meaningfully written piece, that in some way or another there is an element of a lasting impression.


My reason for sharing, is because I believe in sharing a voice, even if the perspective may be different from your own, sometimes it is that differing perspective that can allow and open your own heart for growth.


I often reflect on my journey and realise that I wish there was somewhere I could have found key advice on how to approach the life situations I was experiencing.
Things like, journal prompts, conscious meditations, mindfulness activities, and offered tools to assist in overcoming my own self sabotaging.
Sometimes even just knowing that another soul has gone through a similar experience, can feel incredibly supportive, comforting and less lonely.
It can even be the catalyst that leads to searching for further help.


Thus, what has led me to write my own blog and publicly share all the motions I have moved and will cycle through. Offering my insights to how I have overcome that ‘stuck’ feeling and facilitated finding balance, alignment and purpose within my own being and my journey in this story we call our existence.

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The latest additions to the CREATIVE fruits and venture that is Light of Rai - available in the shop.

and Share the Journey

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